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Northern Fishing Games

Northern fishing games

The most demanding fishing competition of Northern Europe 22–24 August 2024

Northern Fishing Games WANAJA-21 Heittokalastukilpailu 27.8.-29.8.2021


Northern Fishing Games is the most demanding fishing competition in Northern Europe, with 60 boats competing for the biggest money pot and the fiercest reputation of the Nordics. First, all teams compete for two days to determine which twelve teams make it to the final competition day. The top twelve boats head for the final day with zero starting points to compete for the Northern Fishing Games 2023 prize of €20,000. The competition is demanding because of the size of the competition water, the number and quality of fish and the knockout principle.

Support Young People

Northern Fishing Games fishing competition partners’ contribution also enables the organizing of fishing camps for the youngsters, Northern Fishing Games Junior Camps. The main partners of Northern Fishing Games have the opportunity, to explain why they take part in the competition and make the Junior Camps also possible by the means of a company social responsibility video. 


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