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Cooperation partnership

Supporting the well-being of young people alongside fishing competition

Northern Fishing Games is not just the Nordic’s toughest fishing competition, where sponsors are sought against visibility. The organisers of the competition know from their own experience how important a role good hobby, such as fishing, can play in the lives of children and young people. Prior to the fishing competition, the organisation will arrange a Northern Fishing Games Junior Camp, a fishing camp for disadvantaged young people aged 10–15 who are interested in fishing. 12–15 young people will be admitted to the camp, who will otherwise have no opportunity to try out different fishing methods, fishing gear and learn how to handle and cook fish. The two-day camp is held by fishing experts. In 2023, we will also organize two open fishing camps for all children interested in fishing. Their registration fee is 75 euros/child.

The competition partners are thus promoting the well-being of children and young people and preventing exclusion. In addition to the CSR aspect, we ensure a fairly high level of visibility for partners, especially among fishing enthusiasts, but also with the aim of reaching a wider audience as well as media in the construction & fishing sector.

If your company is interested in cooperating in supporting the Northern Fishing Games competition and Northern Fishing Games Junior Camps, please contact us. There are several packages available at different prices.

Partnerships of construction and technological companies:

Juuso Siitonen

+35840 702 9335

Partnerships of fishing and boating branch:

Toni Pohjalainen

+35840 5102 246