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Competition rules




  • The competition is 26–28 August 2022
  • As the competition waters are the Vanajavesi uniform permit area, the map of which is attached
  • Petäys Resort will serve as the Competition Centre. 
  • The competition takes place on Friday and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and on Sunday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.


  • The fish which are fished in the competition are pike, zander and perch.
  • The lowest length of the fish are pike 60 cm, zander 45 cm and perch 30 cm.
  • All fish are released in competition. Dead or unfit fish (which are not expected to survive) shall be reported immediately to the Results Service Center. The release rule also applies to fish which are not eligible for competition.



  • Each day, the teams aim to catch one (1) pike (60 cm minimum), two (2) zanders (45 cm minimum) and three (3) perch (30 cm minimum) as long fish as possible.
  • The total position points of the first two days of the competition will determine entry to the Sunday final, which will be reached by the top 12 teams 
  • The first two days position points are given accordingly: 1.-20. positions gets the team the equivalent amount of points (1-20) and after position 20. all the rest teams get position point of 21.
  • In the case of even scores, the longest fish are compared in the following order: longest perch, longest pike, longest zander.
  • All forms of active fishing with a rod are permitted.
  • One rod per fisher may be used. The rod where the lure is in the water is calculated as one rod in use.  
  • When fishing, only one lure is allowed to be used, to which hooks are attached. In trolling an unhooked lure or similar unhooked diver may be used in a tamdem rig.  There may be an unlimited number of rods and lures on board the boat.
  • The use of natural baits is prohibited. All lures must be artificial, feathers and hair are allowed, but not bait fish, maggots, etc..


  • The boat used by the team must have 2 competitors, one of whom is the captain. The captain must be over 18 years of age and the competitor must be at least 16 years of age (with parental permission to participate).
  • Every competitor must have paid the fisheries management fee to Metsähallitus Eräluvat.
  • 50 boats will be allowed in the competition. However, the organiser has the right to increase the number of competitors to enable international and domestic partners to participate.



  • taking part to competition the competitor accepts the Photo permit of the competition
  • In each boat the organiser can attach a livestream camera (1-2 psc), from which the video is shown on paid or national tv
  • Competition organisation has the right to choose the boats where the cameras are fastened
  • The competitors agree to show caught fish to the camera and to talk to the camera(s) minimum one time a 1 minute speech about the fishing/competing, etc.
  • The teams agree to make sure the camera(s) stay in the place they have been mounted to.



  • On boat landing sites, the competitors shall consider other users. 
  • Trailers and vehicles are parked in places designated to them. 
  • When boats are landed and lifted, some members of staff of the competition organisation may be present.



  • Each captain shall verify the seaworthiness of the boat before going out to water.
  • All boats shall carry at least:
    • Oar, paddle or anchor with ropes
    • emptying tool or a bail
    • approved life jackets for everyone on the boat.
    • approved extinguisher for all inboard and outboard motorboats with an engine power greater than 25 kW or on boats fitted with a flame-generating combustion appliance
    • first aid kit
    • For navigation, a nautical chart shall be onboard. A plotter map is accepted as a nautical chart.
  • The amount of fuel must always be checked before departure and must also remain in reserve.
  • The competition organisation has the right to inspect the boat, its storage facilities before the competition.
  • The competition respects the statutory limit of 0.5 per mil of alcohol for professional use in water transport in Finland. The boat driver may be tested with an intoximeter when the boats are in the water before the start and for 10 minutes after crossing the finish line. The maximum penalty for exceeding the per mil limit is exclusion from competition and a ban on entering the event. In addition, the police are aware of the race and may be patrolling the area.
  • Furthermore, each competitor shall wear a life jacket or self-inflating life jacket when the boat is being driven by the main engine.



On Thursday 25 August, every boat must be on the competition site and must register to the competition office after the boat has been landed. The registration begins at 4 p.m. and ends at 8 p.m., by which time each team must be on the competition site.



  • The captain’s briefing will take place at 8.30 p.m on 25.8.2022 in the location indicated at the time of registration.
  • In addition, short captain’s briefings will be held on each competition morning at a time defined at a later event. 
  • Every day, the captain must attend the captain’s briefing. Otherwise, the team is not entitled to participate in the competition.
  • The measuring board and/or the competition pass for each day required for the competition will be distributed at the captain’s briefing.



  • The engine of the boats shall bear on both sides the competitor number assigned by the organiser in a clearly visible place or, in the case of a non-outboard boat, in another clear place.
  • The livewells and boxes of each boat shall be inspected before proceeding to the place of departure (boat check). Deficiencies and/or fraudulent practices will be punished. Boat check time will be notified to the captains in advance, and at that time one of the competitors must be onboard.
  • The competition takes place on Friday and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and on Sunday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • The boats move to the start area on the Vanajanselkä side behind the marshalls’ boats. The competition begins as a collective start from an acoustic signal.
  • The boats must reach the finish line no later than 5.30 p.m. The finish line must be crossed so that the team’s competition number can be identified either from the marshall’s boat or from land.
  • Every day after entering the finish line, each team must report to the competition office.



  • the competition can be discontinued at any time for a short time or the rest of the day due to weather or other pressing reasons. If the competition is discontinued, the teams must go immediately to the closest safety zone informed by the organiser
  • If the competition must be discontinued for the rest of the day, the result of the day is the same as the result at the time of the discontinuation
  • Fishing boat must be passed by minimum from the distance of 50 m (if possible). If the passing by must be done closer, the boat that passes by, must drive by with the speed of under 10 km/h and not create waves nor disturb the fishing. If this rule is broken, the team will be given a warning.
  • Fishing nearer than 100 m of shoreline where there is housing, is forbidden. If this rule is broken, the team will be disqualified.



  • The minimum lengths of fish are pike 60 cm, zander 45 cm and perch 30 cm
  • Fish shall be measured and photographed immediately after capture and the fish described shall be reported to the results service center without delay.
  • The landing net/in the boat shall contain no more than two fish at a time. Fishing must be suspended until one, or both, is released.
  • Fish are measured on the Northern Fishing Games official fish measure board related to each competition day.
  • Fish shall be measured and taken pictures on the right flank of the fish (viewed from behind the fish) against the measuring board when the head hits the zero end of the board.
  • The tail of the fish can be squeezed and the mouth of the fish must hit the front end of the measuring board.
  • The fish may be held during the measurement, but the picture must clearly show the individual pattern of the fish. The measure must be straight (not folded or wrinkled) under the fish and, in addition, the competition pass must be shown in the image.
  • The length of the fish shall be measured in even centimetres, i.e. the decimals shall be rounded down to the nearest even number. (E.g. 35.4 cm is 35 cm.)
  • The entire fish shall be displayed on both the measuring board and on the landscape image. The length of the fish shall be clearly visible in the measuring board image.
  • A second picture of the fish is also taken showing the fish, the catcher’s face and landscape, as well as the daily competition pass. The fish should show the left flank in the landscape picture, i.e. the same side of the fish as on the measuring board.
  • There must be a release video of all the zander reported, more detailed information on this is given at the captain’s briefing
  • It is recommended to use rubber coated landing nets. 
  • Handle fish with care and avoid unnecessary contact with the fish mucous surface. Don’t hang fish in vain.
  • The use of a livewell is forbidden, the fish is waiting to be measured in the landing net outside the boat, and likewise any resuscitation of the fish takes place in the landing net outside the boat. 



  • The reporting system requires a Finnish phone number to work, so it is needed that international team’s purchase a prepaid cell phone plan for the competition time. More information
  • Photographs (2) taken with a mobile camera are sent to the results service center immediately after the measurement as according to the instructions give at the captain’s briefing.
  • If the image sent is later changed, the results service center shall be informed separately by a WhatsApp message indicating the species of fish, the length of the fish and the team number. 
  • Competitors must ensure that the cell phone battery is adequately charged and must include a backup cell phone for reporting purposes.
  • All fish caught shall be released unharmed after taking relevant pictures.
  • Bloody fish or fish with bulged eyes are not accepted in the competition.
  • Dead or unfit fish which are not expected to survive shall be reported immediately to the results service center. The organisers will tell you how to deal with the fish.



  • Failure to pay the fisheries management fee on behalf of any member of the boat, in which case the entire boat’s competition performance will be disqualified.
  • Fishing in an area where fishing is prohibited, in which case the entire boat’s competition performance will be disqualified.
  • If the image indicates that the fish is undersized, the fish shall be rejected.
  • If in the measure board picture, the whole fish does not show, i.e. the size of the fish, the fish is rejected.
  • If the measure board image is not clear, the fish is rejected.
  • If the competition pass is missing in the landscape or the measure board image, the fish is rejected.
  • If the team uses a measure other than the official competition measure, the fish in question will be rejected.
  • Bloody fish or fish with eyes that bulge from the head are rejected. Detailed instructions shall be given in the captain’s briefing.
  • If the team fish nearer than 100 m of inhabited shore, the team will be disqualified. Attn. Lahisten osakaskunta (at the Lahinen Fishery area the distance to shore is 300 m (will be shown on the competition map)
  • If the team does not report after the competition day to the competition organisers
  • If anyone other than the team members indicated in the competition participates in the competition, the entire boat’s performance will be disqualified (any changes in the composition of the team must be notified to by 13.8.2021, in last minute illness cases, please contact the competition director).
  • If the team gets more than one warning, it will be disqualified



  • The competition results service center has the right to change the stated lengths of the fish based on the images sent by the teams.
  • If the team has questions about their fish or reporting problems, the team can contact the result service center directly.
  • If a team/competitor has any comments regarding their results or fish sizes, the comment must be made immediately and not only after the competition, by contacting the competition director.
  • The results service center has the right to request additional photos from competitors.
  • Any observations on violations must be reported immediately to the competition director
  • Protests to rule violations must be submitted to the immediately at the end of the competition day. The protest will be charged a deposit of €100, which will be refunded in case the protest is accepted.
  • The protest is processed by the competition director, one marshall and one person from the result service center 
  • The decision is not subject to appeal.


The competition organisers have the right to change the rules before 31 July 2022.