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Northern Fishing Games WANAJA-21 Heittokalastukilpailu 27.8.-29.8.2021

Northern fishing games

Wanaja ’22 | 26.-28.8.2022

Northern Fishing Games is the most demanding fishing competition in Northern Europe, with 50 boats competing for the toughest money pot and reputation in the Nordic Region. First, all teams compete for two days to decide which twelve teams make it to the final competition day. The top twelve boats will then head for the final day with zero points to compete for the Northern Fishing Games 2021 pot of €20,000. The competition is demanding because of the size of the water system, the number and quality of competing fish and the knockout principle.


  • The competition period is 26–28 August 2022. 
  • The competition area is the Vanajavesi uniform permit area, the map of which is attached.
  • Petäys Resort will serve as the Competition Centre.
  • The competition takes place on Friday and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and on Sunday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.


  • The fish which must be caught in the competition are pike, zander and perch.
  • Minimum sizes of fish accepted to the competition:
    • Pike 60 cm
    • Zander 45 cm
    • Perch 30 cm


  • All fish are released in competition.
  • Each day, the teams aim to catch one (1) pike,(2) zander and three (3) perch, all as long as possible.
  • The total score (position points) for the first two days of the competition will determine entry to the Sunday finals, which will be reached by the top 12 teams.
  • Twelve teams in the final will head for the race day with zero score.
  • All forms of active fishing with rod shall be permitted as forms of fishing. One rod per fisherman may be used. When towing, the rod in the towing bracket with the lure in the water is counted as the rod in use.

Minimum size 60 cm

1 pike per competition day


Minimum size 45 cm

2 zander per competition day


Minimum size 30 cm

3 perch per competition day